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Secret U.S. Capitol Dig Draws Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti

Readers of the No. 1 bestselling titles Raising Atlantis and The Alignment Ingress by Thomas Greanias have been asking where archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Vatican linguist Serena Serghetti are these days.  The answer appears to be that they are in the midst of their greatest ancient find ever—beneath the U.S. Capitol, of all places. Two years ago this …


When Hank Johnson the XM Hunter First Showed Up

Two years ago this week the world was introduced to adventurer Hank Johnson and his “NOMAD” TV series.  NOMAD was the first of many incarnations for the mysterious Johnson in the new world of Ingress.   Johnson has been mentor in the weirdness that is “exotic matter” or XM to astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats from the world of Raising Atlantis. The two have …


The Day That Changed Augmented Reality

  Today in Ingress History:  Game Changer!  On the same day that a mysterious coded map appeared on the Internet on January 23, 2013, Ingress agents in Seattle decoded it. Then Resistance leader Kira Kroger shattered the boundaries of augmented reality itself by crashing the physical offices of @lantis Media.  The decrypted printout she presented at reception was then brought upstairs to the …


Ingress Island Map

  Today in Ingress History:  Ingress Island.  On January 23, 2013, a coded map was released to the world ahead of the introduction of new hero Hank Johnson and his first Ingress adventure with Conrad “Raising Atlantis” Yeats in the forthcoming novella The Alignment Ingress.     Resistance Forces Free Secret Map of “Ingress Island” from @lantis Media …


Cosmic Conflict Explodes

  Today in Ingress history:  “@lantis Media Tower Caught in Cosmic Crossfire.” What began as a tiny Jan. 19, 2013  Google+ news post — first noted by Ingress agent Jonathan Chung to Seattle’s then-Resistance leader Kira Kroger — has since widened to include more than 10 million would-be agents on both sides of the global battle for control of exotic matter or XM, …


Making Art and Marking Milestones in 2015

This new year marks 15 years since the founding of @lantis Media, ten years since the publication of the Raising Atlantis series of books, and three years since partnering on the fiction front with Google’s augmented reality game Ingress, which just passed 10 million downloads. In the end, I’ve learned, it really is the art …


10M Downloads Later

In April of 2013 Google’s Niantic Labs published it’s first-ever fiction with the No. 1 ebook novella The Alignment Ingress by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias.  Since then its associated augmented reality game Ingress has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. Now the award-winning followup novella, The Niantic Project by the fictional Felicia Hajra-Lee, …


Private Equity’s $25M Bet on Audio and Thomas Greanias

The New York Times reports that private equity-owned Recorded Books has acquired audio publisher Tantor Media’s catalog of approximately 5,000 titles, including some by New York Times bestelling novelist Thomas Greanias, for “about $25 million.” Private equity firm Wasserstein & Co. acquired Recorded Books last year from Haights Cross Communications along with HighBridge Audio from Workman …


A Lost “Legacy” Returns

    This week THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY joined RAISING ATLANTIS as a featured special across ebook stores for only $1.99. But there is another, “secret” deal that beats them all. It’s the return of THE ATLANTIS LEGACY, a double-feature volume that includes both RAISING ATLANTIS and THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY. And it, too, is only $1.99. …


The Atlantis Trilogy™ Hits U.S. Libraries

Simon & Schuster is making its Thomas Greanias ebook titles, including his global bestselling Atlantis Trilogy, available for library lending across the United States. Among the New York Times bestselling author’s titles included in the distribution deal are Raising Atlantis, The Atlantis Prophecy, The Atlantis Revelation, The Promised War and The 34th Degree. Simon & …

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