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Welcome, Coast to Coast Listeners

If you are listening to New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias right now on “Coast to Coast AM with George Noorey,” or just did, here are some helpful links: 1. CLICK HERE to get the free eBook WASHINGTONOPLE about the secret star alignments of Washington, D.C., along with the periodic Alignment Insider newsletter with …


Vatican’s Sister Serghetti Issues Warning on Ancient “Self-Destruct” Symbols

Exotic Matter tracker Hank Johnson from The Alignment Ingress is investigating the discovery of “Shaper Glyphs,” ancient symbols that the Vatican’s Serena Serghetti caution could be a form of alien self-destruct codes to the unwary. Yesterday, Johnson relased the first of his “Nomad Dispatches” detailing what happened since the end of The Alignment Ingress, when …