Secret U.S. Capitol Dig Draws Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti


Readers of the No. 1 bestselling titles Raising Atlantis and The Alignment Ingress by Thomas Greanias have been asking where archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Vatican linguist Serena Serghetti are these days. 

The answer appears to be that they are in the midst of their greatest ancient find ever—beneath the U.S. Capitol, of all places.

U.S. Capitol

Undated photo from undisclosed location taken by bestselling author Thomas Greanias.

Two years ago this month Conrad Yeats was last spotted in the Sudan with the discovery of 35 ancient Nubian pyramids.  That eventful episode, as well as its follow-up at the Luizi Crater in the Congo, was novelized by Greanias in The Alignment Ingress.  

Serena Serghetti, meanwhile, moved on to an underground city deep beneath Cappadocia, where a treasure trove of ancient texts has been discovered.  One of the texts she translated—known as The Chiron Confession—became the basis for another novel by Greanias titled Dominium Dei.  Other texts, allegedly written in the language of angels, have been moved to vaults beneath the Vatican for further study.

Now Yeats and Serghetti have been spotted in and around Washington, D.C.  A massive dig has been underway beneath Capitol Hill— some say for decades, disguised by various “upgrades” to the U.S. Capitol Building.  Whatever has been found beneath the U.S. Capitol apparently requires the expertise of the world’s foremost astro-archaeologist and the Vatican’s top linguist.  

One piece of trivia that may explain the presence of Serghetti is that the Vatican once effectively owned Capitol Hill before the fledgling Federal Government purchased it.  In what was essentially a land swap, parcels in Georgetown were designated for a new Catholic university, known today as Georgetown University.  

Serghetti happens to be a part-time professor in linguistics at Georgetown’s school of foreign service, a hive of current and future U.S. State Department and C.I.A. professionals.  The slavish devotion of many graduates to the inspirational Sister Serghetti has raised concerns that she has created her own branch of covert cryptologists who have infiltrated every level of the American intelligence community.