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Ingress News Channel Reports Attempt to Block Publication of The Alignment Ingress

The debut broadcast of the news program Ingress Reports is reporting that Google’s top-secret Niantic Labs is attempting to block the release of the Thomas Greanias novel The Alignment Ingress, which is scheduled to be released this Tuesday, April 2. According to the publishing industry’s daily bible Publishers Lunch, the New York Times bestselling author’s …


Coded Maps Fuel Feverish Speculation Before Release of The Alignment: Ingress

Players of Niantic’s Ingress game around the world are chatting up an unusual alignment of coded maps on the eve of the release of The Alignment: Ingress novella by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias and adventurers Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats. An old Muslim painting appears to be a coded terrestrial map, according …


YouTube Premieres Book Trailer for The Alignment: Ingress

  Google’s top-secret Niantic division today released the official book trailer for its upcoming novella The Alignment: Ingress on YouTube. Written by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, together with adventurer Hank Johnson and archaeologist Conrad Yeats, The Alignment: Ingress appears to be an action-packed thriller set against the jungles and deserts of Africa. …


Publishers Lunch Sneaks First Look at New Series “The Alignment”

Publishers Lunch is reporting that a division within Google—Niantic Labs—is readying the first in a potentially extensive line of ebooks and books, in conjunction with author and co-publisher Thomas Greanias and his @lantis Books.  It’s known as the ALIGNMENT series and the first first ebook novella, the 150-page THE ALIGNMENT: INGRESS, is set for publication on …