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Coded Maps Fuel Feverish Speculation Before Release of The Alignment: Ingress

Players of Niantic’s Ingress game around the world are chatting up an unusual alignment of coded maps on the eve of the release of The Alignment: Ingress novella by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias and adventurers Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats. An old Muslim painting appears to be a coded terrestrial map, according …


Publishers Lunch Sneaks First Look at New Series “The Alignment”

Publishers Lunch is reporting that a division within Google—Niantic Labs—is readying the first in a potentially extensive line of ebooks and books, in conjunction with author and co-publisher Thomas Greanias and his @lantis Books.  It’s known as the ALIGNMENT series and the first first ebook novella, the 150-page THE ALIGNMENT: INGRESS, is set for publication on …