Archives - November 2010


WikiLeaks Exposes Chinese Super Cyberweapon

Even as China appeals for calm in the tense Korean Peninsula, today’s WikiLeaks reveals U.S. concerns over a mysterious “Chinese Super Cyberweapon” that the Pentagon has dubbed “The War Cloud.” The leaked U.S. diplomatic cables highlight U.S. concerns about China’s computer-warfare capability, and come as Beijing faces mounting pressure from Washington to contain North Korea’s …


China Warns U.S. of War Cloud

Beijing is warning the United States that the arrival of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the Korean Peninsula is advancing North Korea’s threat that “the situation is inching closer to the brink of war.” A joint U.S.-Korean military exercise is planned in the Yellow Sea between the Koreas and China in response to …


War Cloud Rises Over East Asia

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AMP) — North Korea’s unprovoked attack on South Korea yesterday is raising fears on both sides of the Pacific that an escalation will draw the United States and China into war. “The United States publicly reiterated that it will defend South Korea in any war with North Korea, and China is North Korea,s …