Archives - April 2010


“Mother Earth” Eyes Volcanic Storm

HVOLSVOLLUR, ICELAND (AMP) – Even as ash from last week’s spectacular Iclandic volcano eruption continues to spew ash into the atmosphere and ground Europe’s airspace, Vatican sources today confirmed that the pope has dispatched Sister Serena Serghetti to the Arctic to investigate. Dubbed “Mother Earth” by the media for her environmental extremism and supermodel looks, …


New $400M Superyacht Roils the High-Roller Seas

CORFU, GREECE (AMP) — The battle for “biggest superyacht” among Russian billionaires has been roiled by sightings in the Greek Islands of the new 595-foot Midas, reportedly owned by Russian orphan-turned-British tycoon Sir Roman Midas. At 595 feet, the Midas is a full 54 feet longer than the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s upcoming 540-foot Eclipse …