Ingress Island Map



Ingress Island?

Today in Ingress History:  Ingress Island.  On January 23, 2013, a coded map was released to the world ahead of the introduction of new hero Hank Johnson and his first Ingress adventure with Conrad “Raising Atlantis” Yeats in the forthcoming novella The Alignment Ingress.   

 Resistance Forces Free Secret Map of “Ingress Island” from @lantis Media Tower

SEATTLE (AMP) — Forces loyal to the Resistance seized control of Seattle’s soaring @lantis Media Tower on Martin Luther King Day after reports surfaced over the holiday weekend of a “cosmic conflict.”

The heroic act liberated the offices of @lantis Books, home of  New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias, and inspired the grateful author to draw up a secret map of an undisclosed location he calls Ingress Island.

“I have no idea where this island is, or what its real name could be,” Greanias said.  “But the image suddenly popped up in my head as soon as I got word that our black tower had taken on a blue tint.”

Greanias described the vision to cartographers at the Niantic Project, who then rendered the map released today.

“My hope is that Ingress players will take this lead to the next level and help me figure out where on earth adventurers Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson have gone off to now,” Greanias said.  “My suspicion is that it’s Johnson who’s dragging Yeats along for the ride.”