Death is Guaranteed — Gods of Rome now on sale

Death is Guaranteed — Gods of Rome now on sale

“A skillful, exciting blend of history, action, and drama set in the ancient world. Recommended!” — Kirkus  

A wildly popular playwright in Ancient Rome, falsely condemned by jealous rivals, miraculously escapes certain death in the arena with a state secret that could bring down the empire and avenge the life and love he lost.

Hold on tight to the reins of your runaway chariot as Gods of Rome sweeps you from the halls of power in Caesar’s palace to the slums of the city, from rat-infested sewers to the high seas, from one end of a mighty empire to another and everywhere in between, where countless assassins lurk, throat-grabbing surprises await, and “death is guaranteed.” Always. 

“Death is Guaranteed” was the tag printed on tickets and posters for the Games at the Colosseum in Ancient Rome,” explains New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias. “This reality entertainment, of course, was in fact scripted for maximum effect to delight the crowds—and to terrorize victims like the wrongly condemned playwright Athanasius, who desperately attempts to flip the script.”

Even Caesar, the Condemner-in-Chief, could not escape his own fate, despsite declaring himself the Lord and God of the Universe.

“History records that the Emperor Domitian died on September 18, 96 AD, at the exact hour, day and date the stars foretold at this birth,” Greanias says. “And it happened in a way nobody saw coming.”

To commemorate the anniversary of Domitian’s death, Gods of Rome is being released today in trade paperback and ebook. Experience the intrigue and excitement of this meticulously researched and masterfully crafted conspiracy thriller of epic scale inspired by real people and events.




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