Thomas Greanias Reveals Coded Book Cover in TV Interview


In an exclusive interview with the TV news program “Ingress Reports,” New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias today revealed that the cover of his latest novella The Alignment Ingress is coded——and that more surprises are to be found inside its digital covers.

Meanwhile, the Vatican’s top linguist, Serena Serghetti, refused to comment on her depiction in the novella or her relationship to the centuries-old order known as Dominium Dei or her involvement with the fall of Rome to Enlightened forces.

“The book cover for The Alignment Ingress itself is a code,” Greanias told “Ingress Reports” reporter Susanna Moyer, adding that the book also “breaks ground in introducing a whole new dimension to the world of Ingress.”

Ingress is the new augmented reality experience created by Google’s top-secret Niantic Labs. Agents join either the Enlightened or Resistance factions and deploy the Ingress scanner app on their smartphones in a cosmic battle for control of the world’s “exotic matter.”

The Alignment Ingress eBook is the first in the all-new Alignment series and marks the return of archaeologist Conrad Yeats and linguist Serena Serghetti from Greanias’s bestselling Raising Atlantis series, and introduces adventurer and “exotic matter” tracker Hank Johnson from the world of Ingress.

The Alignment Ingress has been a five-star hot seller on the Google Play and Kindle stores, and Greanias’s unprecedented live Q&A’s on Google+ have trended at No. 1 or No. 2 according to Google.

Greanias will be hosting another live Q&A tonight at 7 p.m. PST on his Google+ stream, answering questions and giving out exclusive invites and passcodes to Ingress.

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