The Day That Changed Augmented Reality

@lantis Media Tower

Resistance agents rebadged Seattle’s Columbia Center, headquarters of @lantis Media.


Today in Ingress History:  Game Changer!  On the same day that a mysterious coded map appeared on the Internet on January 23, 2013, Ingress agents in Seattle decoded it. Then Resistance leader Kira Kroger shattered the boundaries of augmented reality itself by crashing the physical offices of @lantis Media.  The decrypted printout she presented at reception was then brought upstairs to the top of the soaring tower and the desk of  Thomas Greanias.  The shocked New York Times bestselling author confirmed its authenticity and released the image below.  For the first time, a virtual-physical-virtual alignment was established, creating a new dimension of gameplay and reality.


Many Resistors fell to bring us this intel....

Many Resistance agents fell to bring us this intel.

Map of “Ingress Island” Cracked: Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson spotted in Cape Verde

SEATTLE (AMP) — An Ingress resistance team in Seattle has cracked the coded “Ingress Island” map and pinpointed the last confirmed location of adventurers Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson as the island of Santiago in the Atlantic’s Cape Verde chain just west of Africa.

Where the two may be right now, and what they are after, is still a matter of heated speculation.  But resistance leader “Mistyayn” found an invisible code on the map drawn up by Niantic cartographers:


The communique containing the translation of embedded code was delivered by hand from the resistance to the mailroom of @lantis Media Corp. on the 42nd floor of the Columbia Center and then delivered by private security to the office of New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias, who snapped a photo of the letter and shared it with his followers along a thanks to the resistance.

“This find narrows down the location of Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson, and gives me the lead I need to track them down since they fell off the grid,” said Greanias, who until recently has been in constant contact with the two adventurers and the Vatican’s Serena Serghetti as he chronicles their adventures with the Niantic team in his forthcoming thriller The Alignment: Ingress.