Celebrate America’s Freedom with Your FREE Copy of The Virgin Sky

Celebrate America’s Freedom with Your FREE Copy of The Virgin Sky

A classified government report by astro-archaeologist Dr. Conrad Yeats that reveals the secret star alignment of Washington, D.C., is now FREE on Amazon for five days over the Independence Day weekend.

The Virgin Sky
 by Dr. Yeats was the basis for the
New York Times bestselling novel The Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias. The fictionalized adventure follows astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats and renowned linguist Serena Serghetti as they unravel a centuries-old conspiracy to destroy the United States and re-establish the worldwide power of an ancient civilization.

The Virgin Sky paper itself is based on the original celestial and terrestrial maps for Washington, D.C., as charted by African-American astronomer Benjamin Banneker and French-American architect and Freemason Pierre L’Enfant.

Both men worked under the direct supervision of fellow Freemason George Washington, who was determined to symbolically fix America’s seat of goverment to the eternal ideals of the heavens instead of the worldly vicissitudes of politics.

Ever since, national landmarks built over the past 200 years have followed the master site plan and are reported astronomically aligned to “lock” with their counterpart stars at a future date Washington foresaw as key to America’s destiny.