The War Cloud Lives Up to its Name


Now you can read New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias’s dazzling new cyberthriller The War Cloud on any screen anywhere.

After debuting in the Kindle, Nook and iBooks stores, The War Cloud has now infiltrated and taken over the Google eBookstore.

With the Google eBookstore, your copy of The War Cloud is stored directly “in the cloud” for you, allowing you 24/7 access via your Google account.

Because it’s web-based, you don’t need a special device or app to read The War Cloud. All you need is the web browser on you desktop or laptop computer—or your tablet or smartphone. It’s a great compromise for those ‘print or die’ readers who want to read The War Cloud but don’t like eBooks in principle.

For the record, Thomas Greanias assures readers everywhere that The War Cloud eBook isn’t, as some have suggested, a cyberweapon itself, just like the one at the heart of his tale. But he does not deny that there are embedded codes in the text that may surprise readers with their value later on.

“I still remember the days when the Atlantis Mapping Project website that predated Raising Atlantis was accused of being a front for a Pentagon disinformation campaign to divert attention from the ‘real’ secret dig in Antarctica,” Greanias said. “And that the Feds or Masons or both ‘got’ to me before publication of The Atlantis Prophecy. So it’s fun to see The War Cloud live up to this tradition and even surpass it with accusations that its some kind of Matrix-like Trojan Horse that’s going to take over people’s minds. I’m just happy for its growing success and that so many people like it.”

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