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Lost Chapters of Raising Atlantis to be released after 20 Years

Headlines from Antarctica heralding the discovery of a parallel universe going backwards in time have prompted New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias to release the legendary “lost chapters” of his original Raising Atlantis eBook after 20 years on July 21, 2020. Long before it became a New York Times bestseller, Raising Atlantis was a …


Celebrate America’s Freedom with Your FREE Copy of The Virgin Sky

A classified government report by astro-archaeologist Dr. Conrad Yeats that reveals the secret star alignment of Washington, D.C., is now FREE on Amazon for five days over the Independence Day weekend. The Virgin Sky by Dr. Yeats was the basis for the New York Times bestselling novel The Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias. The fictionalized adventure follows astro-archaeologist …


Mother Earth Demands U.S. Navy End Whale Draft

GOLDEN BAY, New Zealand (AMP) — The U.S. Navy has conscripted pilot whales for active duty, and Dr. Serena Serghetti, the U.N.’s  Goodwill Ambassador to the Environment or “Mother Earth,” is using Earth Day to call for a halt to the practice. “It’s time to end the whale draft,” Sister Serghetti said. The Vatican’s top linguist has …


Raising Atlantis Fans Raise Controversy at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (AMP)—July 24, 2016—Fans of Raising Atlantis author Thomas Greanias are fanning out at this year’s Comic-Con with autographed copies of his New York Times bestsellers and stirring new conspiracy controversies. Greanias has autographed more than 500 copies of his bestselling The Atlantis Prophecy alone, as well as his Alignment Ingress from Ingress and Pokemon Go-developer Niantic, …