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The Face of The Alignment?

Today’s “Ingress Reports” broadcast has set off alarms about another seemingly coordinated sequence of “exotic matter” or XM anomalies rapidly developing in 13 cities around the globe. #13MAGNUS, as it’s been hashtagged across the Web, may in fact be one of the many ancient faces of the centuries-old organization known as The Alignment, according to …


Welcome, Coast to Coast Listeners

If you are listening to New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias right now on “Coast to Coast AM with George Noorey,” or just did, here are some helpful links: 1. CLICK HERE to get the free eBook WASHINGTONOPLE about the secret star alignments of Washington, D.C., along with the periodic Alignment Insider newsletter with …


Vatican’s Sister Serghetti Issues Warning on Ancient “Self-Destruct” Symbols

Exotic Matter tracker Hank Johnson from The Alignment Ingress is investigating the discovery of “Shaper Glyphs,” ancient symbols that the Vatican’s Serena Serghetti caution could be a form of alien self-destruct codes to the unwary. Yesterday, Johnson relased the first of his “Nomad Dispatches” detailing what happened since the end of The Alignment Ingress, when …


Bodies Fall, Stakes Rise as Line Between Alignment Fiction and Ingress Reality Blurs

Two reported deaths on two continents are raising questions that the augmented reality of Ingress from Google’s Niantic Labs and the fiction of The Alignment from New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias are becoming all too real. In Europe, the Niantic facility in Geneva spearheading research into “exotic matter” was seized and one researcher …


Thomas Greanias Reveals Coded Book Cover in TV Interview

In an exclusive interview with the TV news program “Ingress Reports,” New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias today revealed that the cover of his latest novella The Alignment Ingress is coded——and that more surprises are to be found inside its digital covers. Meanwhile, the Vatican’s top linguist, Serena Serghetti, refused to comment on her …


Treasure Trove of Alignment Ingress Secrets Revealed on Google+

  A treasure trove of secrets, exclusive Ingress invites and passcodes was released yesterday on a series of Google+ interviews with New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias to celebrate the release of the novella The Alignment Ingress. Greanias will host another Google+ thread Thursday evening at 7 p.m. PST following the broadcast of Susanna …


Ingress News Channel Reports Attempt to Block Publication of The Alignment Ingress

The debut broadcast of the news program Ingress Reports is reporting that Google’s top-secret Niantic Labs is attempting to block the release of the Thomas Greanias novel The Alignment Ingress, which is scheduled to be released this Tuesday, April 2. According to the publishing industry’s daily bible Publishers Lunch, the New York Times bestselling author’s …


Coded Maps Fuel Feverish Speculation Before Release of The Alignment: Ingress

Players of Niantic’s Ingress game around the world are chatting up an unusual alignment of coded maps on the eve of the release of The Alignment: Ingress novella by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias and adventurers Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats. An old Muslim painting appears to be a coded terrestrial map, according …


YouTube Premieres Book Trailer for The Alignment: Ingress

  Google’s top-secret Niantic division today released the official book trailer for its upcoming novella The Alignment: Ingress on YouTube. Written by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, together with adventurer Hank Johnson and archaeologist Conrad Yeats, The Alignment: Ingress appears to be an action-packed thriller set against the jungles and deserts of Africa. …


Publishers Lunch Sneaks First Look at New Series “The Alignment”

Publishers Lunch is reporting that a division within Google—Niantic Labs—is readying the first in a potentially extensive line of ebooks and books, in conjunction with author and co-publisher Thomas Greanias and his @lantis Books.  It’s known as the ALIGNMENT series and the first first ebook novella, the 150-page THE ALIGNMENT: INGRESS, is set for publication on …

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