Treasure Trove of Alignment Ingress Secrets Revealed on Google+




A treasure trove of secrets, exclusive Ingress invites and passcodes was released yesterday on a series of Google+ interviews with New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias to celebrate the release of the novella The Alignment Ingress.

Greanias will host another Google+ thread Thursday evening at 7 p.m. PST following the broadcast of Susanna Moyer’s interview with him on “Ingress Reports.”  Fans can join him on the official Thomas Greanias Google+ Page and add him to their circles to stay up-to-date on discussions, secrets and passcode giveaways.

The Google+ discussions, hash-tagged as #Alignment, trended at No. 1 and No. 2 at various points throughout the day, according to Google, and a plethora of five-star reviews on the Google Play and Kindle stores have fueled the eBook’s rise on bestseller lists.

Nevertheless, Greanias cautioned that The Alignment Ingress “is the first single step in a journey of a thousand miles” for The Alignment series of blockbuster novels.

“Very little of what will be seen immediately and in public will make much sense to outside observers,” Greanias said.  “But we, like the agents of Ingress, are playing the long game here.”

Followers of Thomas Greanias Google+ stream and news from the Atlantis Mapping Project, however, will be first in line for the latest, breaking news and special offers.

The biggest highlight for Greanias thus far from his unprecedented Google+ Q&As—believed to be another first for a novelist along with publication of Google’s first novel from Niantic Labs—have been fans sharing their “favorite moments” from The Alignment Ingress.

“The novella was only released yesterday,’ Greanias said, “and to have had so many readers finish it and enjoy it so thoroughly and demand more, more, more is an author’s greatest satisfaction.”

Greanias took pains to acknowledge his co-authors Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats, along with the creative team at Niantic Labs and agents of both the Enlightened and Resistance factions in the augmented reality world of Ingress.

“Creatively, technically and in every other way The Alignment Ingress would not have been possible without their help,” Greanias said.  “We’re all in this together.”

Another highlight for Greanias from his Google+ Q&As were the “portal pictures” that readers submitted for consideration in future adventures in The Alignment series and Ingress.  Greanias chose an image from Chris Whittleston as his new “cover image” on Google+.


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