Cosmic Conflict Explodes


Google XM Map Reveals A Hidden World


Today in Ingress history:  “@lantis Media Tower Caught in Cosmic Crossfire.” What began as a tiny Jan. 19, 2013  Google+ news post — first noted by Ingress agent Jonathan Chung to Seattle’s then-Resistance leader Kira Kroger — has since widened to include more than 10 million would-be agents on both sides of the global battle for control of exotic matter or XM,  The coming release this Fall of the novel DILESIOS by New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias promises to expose the true interdimensional nature of this cosmic conflict.

@lantis Media Tower Caught in Cosmic Crossfire

SEATTLE (AMP) — @lantis Media Corp. has released a satellite overhead from Niantic Labs that shows its headquarters inside the soaring Columbia Center as ground zero in a cosmic conflict that has engulfed Seattle and other cities around the world.

The offices of the media and publishing company’s @lantis Books digital imprint, home of New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, are located in the unmarked top floor of the tower, the second tallest building on the west coast of the United States and twice as tall as the Space Needle.  

The satellite chart from Niantic Labs employs a new technology that detects “exotic matter” or XM around the planet, analysis of which reveals two emergent factions.  The XM map for Seattle shows the green “Enlightened” faction clustered around Redmond and the blue “Resistance” faction north of downtown Seattle.

@lantis Media Tower

The @lantis Media Tower is caught in the middle.

“On the surface it looks like a lot of Microsoft employees are enlightened and a lot of Amazon employees are resistance, although we can see a clear enlightened counterinsurgency there,” said Thomas Greanias, founder of the Atlantis Mapping Project, which has been mapping a conspiracy called The Alignment over the course of his novels, beginning with his first New York Times bestseller Raising Atlantis.

“I’m not sure how extensive the overlap is with The Alignment, but it’s there,” said Greanias. “It’s obvious we stumbled onto—or have been drawn into—something much bigger than I previously imagined in my fiction.”

To explore this overlap, Greanias is working with the geniuses at Niantic for his new series of novels starting with The Alignment: Ingress.  Ingress is the name of a massive augmented reality “game” developed by Niantic to empower individuals in exploring these global forces at work.  Now it is bringing in its XM specialist Hank Johnson, a murky heavy hitter from the world of adventure, to assist astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Vatican linguist Serena Serghetti with a recent discovery that could shed profound light on the course of human civilization.  

The location of this discovery remains undisclosed, as does Hank Johnson’s whereabouts.

@lantis Media is asking Ingress players and public alike to forward any leads via email to  Those who include their mailing addresses will receive a postcard in the near future with a special QR code linking them to a secret Google Hangout where Greanias will broadcast exclusive reports on the shape of the battle.

Birds-eye View of Battle from @lantis Media Tower


Those too paranoid to use email can mail their tips to the @lantis mailroom at @lantis Books, @lantis Media Tower, 701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104.