Lost Chapters Reveal Seven Novels in Raising Atlantis Series

Lost Chapters Reveal Seven Novels in Raising Atlantis Series

Astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats and linguist Serena Serghetti return after more than a decade in today’s release of  the new anthology Raising Atlantis: The Lost Chapters by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias.

Among the stunning revelations of The Lost Chapters is that the original Raising Atlantis series is comprised of seven novels—four more beyond what has been published to date. The Ghosts of Atlantis cycle of adventures bookends the published trilogy with a prequel and a sequel trilogy. 

The Lost Chapters kicks off with the prologue to the never-published Ghosts of Atlantis and features Conrad’s father, USAF officer and NASA astronaut Griffin Yeats. For years, fans have wondered what happened to The Griffter after the events of Raising Atlantis. Ghosts of Atlantis serves up some strong hints. It also spins the entire Raising Atlantis storyworld in a direction previously undisclosed but long suspected by readers worldwide.

Newly published scientific discoveries in Antarctica have established the fiction of the original Raising Atlantis series as fact. These discoveries include subglacial volcanoes heating up the ice from below, neutrino “anomalies” suggesting a parallel universe moving backward in time, and most recently the South Pole Wall—a gigantic structure in space, visible only from Antarctica, measuring 1.4 billion light years across.

“My hope in this global pandemic is to offer an opportunity for longtime readers to enjoy a little reunion with old friends in Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti,” Greanias writes in the preface to The Lost Chapters. “And to give those just now discovering these adventures the opportunity to make new ones.”

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