Fathers and Sons, Secrets and Lies

Fathers and Sons, Secrets and Lies

When The Atlantis Prophecy first debuted on bestseller lists in 2008, reviews suggested that its appeal as “the Great American Conspiracy” came from its endless riddles wrapped in mysteries inside enigmas.

Since then, however,  it turned into a Father’s Day and Black History Month favorite, and I’m proud to say that it’s become something more than a bestseller, even something timeless because of its enduring themes.

As America faces hard questions about its past and future, I hope you give it a second read over this summer’s Juneteenth, Father’s Day and Fourth of July holidays. You’ll discover Black astronomer Benjamin Banneker’s secret star map for “Washingtonople,” a father’s cryptic tombstone at Arlington Cemetery, the secret behind the encoded Washington Family portrait hanging in the National Gallery of Art, and how the monuments by design are astronomically aligned to lock with the stars in the near future.

And please consider gifting this informative, illuminating and fun adventure to someone special in your life. I think you’ll be glad you did, and so will they.

The glorious irony of great stories is that as we celebrate heroes and heroines who must stand alone against the world, we also stand together.

Here’s the original trailer for The Atlantis Prophecy that CBS is still running on YouTube:

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