‘Suspicious’ Christmas Ornament Shuts Pentagon Metro Station


WASHINGTON, D.C. (AMP) — The Pentagon’s Metro subway station was shut down during morning rush hour on Dec. 15 after a “suspicious” object was found blinking in a trash can. An explosives unit arrived on the scene and X-rayed the item, only to determine it to be a battery-operated Christmas tree ornament.

A Pentagon spokesman offered no apologies to commuters, underscoring how serious authorities take any suspicious object, especially one so close to the military headquarters of the United States of America.

The episode echoes an early chapter in THE WAR CLOUD, the new blockbuster eBook by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, in which a stolen nuclear warhead from an old Soviet SS-20 missile arrives beneath the Pentagon on a Blue Line Metro train.

That chapter, however, has no happy ending.