New $400M Superyacht Roils the High-Roller Seas


CORFU, GREECE (AMP) — The battle for “biggest superyacht” among Russian billionaires has been roiled by sightings in the Greek Islands of the new 595-foot Midas, reportedly owned by Russian orphan-turned-British tycoon Sir Roman Midas.

At 595 feet, the Midas is a full 54 feet longer than the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s upcoming 540-foot Eclipse and Andrey Melnichenko’s 394-foot “A,” both of which have suddenly become second-class superyachts, if such a thing is possible.

Indeed, the “M” is longer than the Washington Monument is high and by design resembles a shining stack of sliced gold bricks. As such, observers say it cuts an even more glamorous visage than the submarine-like “A” on the Ionian Sea.

Like his fellow Russian billionaires, Sir Midas remains a mysterious, private figure on the world scene and required all his construction crew and staff to sign strict confidentiality agreements. He is said to dislike any reference to his former Russian citizenship or birth name Midaslovich. He speaks only English and has affected a British accent since being knighted by the Queen for his philanthropy in the London art world on behalf of the British Museum of Art.

The only people to have seen the interior of the superyacht have been members of the supersecret Bilderberg Group, who were entertained aboard the Midas during their spring conference on the Greek island of Corfu. All have refused to comment publicly, leaving onlookers in the yacht industry to speculate.

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