Win $10K in The War Cloud 1M Tweepstakes


Retailers like Amazon and Apple and Google are betting that The War Cloud by New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias could be the first original eBook to sell one million copies. Now you can, too, and win big.

Amazon’s Kindle? Apple’s iBookstore? Barnes & Noble’s Nook? Or Google’s eBooks?

We invite you to guess which retailer will be the first to sell one million copies of The War Cloud—and when—in a special Twitter contest. The closest guess—tweeted in the proper format—wins $10,000. That’s right. $10K. Be sure to review the rules and details before tweeting your best guess.

To be sure, a couple of eBook titles have already made Amazon’s Million Sales list, by authors James Patterson and the late Steig Larson. But no retailer has been able to claim an original, digital-only champion like The War Cloud.

“It turns out that’s precisely the reason our retail partners are excited by The War Cloud,” said author Thomas Greanias. “They are looking for the world’s first original, digital-only eBook adventure to pass one million copies in sales, and they feel The War Cloud is just the title to do it.”

So Tweepstakes entrants are essentially placing two bets. One bet is that The War Cloud will pass 1M in sales and when. The second bet, of more immediate interest to publishing insiders, is which retailer will claim bragging rights for being the first to sell a million copies of an original eBook novel.

“We obviously won’t be able to release sales figures while the contest is going on,” said an @lantis Corp. spokeswoman. “But market trendwatchers on Twitter will be able to see how the retailers rank in their perceived industry positions. It will be fun and insightful to watch.”

The spokeswoman said @lantis Corp. can offer no guidance beyond a “revised consensus” based on factors known and to be announced later: “We are now inclined to agree that there is a better than 50 percent chance that one of the retailers will cross the one million threshold before Dec. 31 of this year.”

Rules and details