The Promised War is a Perfect Gift


Amazon is offering an early Christmas gift to fans of adventure thrillers. The online retailer is selling the $24.95 hardcover edition of The Promised War by New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias for only $9.36! That’s less than $10 and a whopping 61 percent off the retail list price.

Even Scrooge would approve.

“One purpose for the @lantis Insider is to alert friends and fans of the best offers in stores and on the web,” Thomas Greanias said. “Right now, at this moment, the best price for my latest hardcover adventure is at Amazon.”

That could change tomorrow, of course. But Insiders will always have the latest, breaking special discounts and exclusive offers before anybody else.

The Promised War tells the story of Sam Deker, a 21st-century Israeli counterterrorism agent who saves the Temple Mount from a devastating attack only to be blown back to 1400 BC and the ancient Battle of Jericho.

Or so it seems. Deker doesn’t know if he’s dead, suffering from some torture-induced psychosis, or really back in time. But Israelite General Joshua Bin-Nun has declared a holy war and death to everything that breathes, and he has tapped Deker to spy out the Promised Land in advance of his invasion.

For Deker, it’s his only hope to escape this genocidal hell. Then he finds himself in the arms of a beautiful enemy named Rahab, caught in a web of deadly betrayal, as he struggles to unlock the truth, secure Israel’s future and his own, and save the twenty-first century from The Promised War.

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