Simon & Schuster Announces THE 34TH DEGREE for Summer 2011 Release


Simon & Schuster has announced The 34th Degree as the next Thomas Greanias blockbuster adventure.

The hardcover and ebook versions of the novel will hit stores by the end of June. But Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders have wasted no time setting up pre-order pages and offering guaranteed discounts for advance purchases.

In The 34th Degree, disgraced counterterrorism agent Sam Deker from The Atlantis Revelation and The Promised War returns for a completely different, time-traveling, mind-bending, heart-stopping adventure.

A stunning technological breakthrough enables the Pentagon to use the sliced brain tissues of dead terrorists to enter their memories and effectively travel back in time to glean priceless intelligence.

Now the U.S. wants to send Deker back to 1943 on a suicidal mission to steal a lost apocalyptic text from ruthless SS General Ludwig von Berg, the legendary Baron of the Black Order.

The coded text not only predicts the end of the world but also contains the nuclear formula to do it. And if Deker fails in the past, he will come back to a 21st century ruled by the Nazis—if he comes back at all.

An ancient text. A world at war. The end of history. And that’s literally just the beginning of the story. Mix in the Nazis, the Masons and a pinch of Atlantis and you’ve got an uncontrollable concoction. Even at 600-plus pages, author Thomas Greanias wasn’t sure he’d be able to get it all between the covers of a single book.

“Readers have been asking me for a big book—a world—that they could get lost in. Here it is,” Greanias said. “Hopefully this announcement will please those readers who are disappointed that The War Cloud is only available as an eBook. The 34th Degree is a different animal altogether. No website. No extras. Everything is between the covers. It’s a world you can get lost in and love.”

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