The Face of The Alignment?


Today’s “Ingress Reports” broadcast has set off alarms about another seemingly coordinated sequence of “exotic matter” or XM anomalies rapidly developing in 13 cities around the globe.

#13MAGNUS, as it’s been hashtagged across the Web, may in fact be one of the many ancient faces of the centuries-old organization known as The Alignment, according to New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias.

“American archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Vatican linguist Serena Serghetti have been tracking The Alignment for some time now, and I’ve been chronicling their adventures in my novels,” Greanias said. “Now that adventurer Hank Johnson from The Alignment Ingress has brought his discoveries of ‘dark XM’ and the mysterious “shaper glyphs’ to the mix, everything has taken on a new spin, including #13MAGNUS.”


Although the 13 cities associated with #13MAGNUS are different from those associated with The Alignment, conspiracy theorists believe that at some point in ancient history the two distinct secret societies overlapped, with The Alignment perhaps controlling #13MAGNUS for a period of time.

“If that’s the case, then Dr. Yeats’s and Dr. Serghetti’s research into The Alignment will prove useful to Hank Johnson and his investigation into #13MAGNUS,” Greanias said. “And vice-versa.”

Greanias refused to comment on rumors of a “startling discovery” inside an ancient underground cities in Cappadocia by the Vatican’s top linguist, Serena Serghetti, that sheds light on the mysterious origins of The Alignment.

“She’s translating that now and will come out with her finding when she’s ready,” said Greanias. “Meanwhile, I’m working with Hank Johnson on his report about that last 13-city sequence of anomalies called #Cassandra. As usual, we’ll novelize it and put my novel up as fiction, change a couple of things, and get it past the national security review.”

Greanias also refused to comment on continuing speculation about the 13 stars that circle the Mason’s compass on the official seal of The Alignment, which is featured on his official Google+ page.

“I can only point out another sister emblem for Ingress agents if they look hard enough.”

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