The Virgin City: The First Conrad Yeats Adventure

NEW! The Virgin City: The First Conrad Yeats Adventure

Conrad Yeats journeys back to his beginning as an astro-archaeologist in his first YA adventure—The Virgin City!

In this new short story, the 17-year-old Conrad defies the orders of his father, USAF General Griffin Yeats, and sets off across the deserts of conflict-ridden Africa in search of the lost “Virgin City.” There he hopes to find the final resting place of the Queen of Sheba. The so-called Atlantis Queen hides a centuries-old secret—the key to Creation itself—and with it the curse that doomed her and all who dare disturb her.

“Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti have picked up millions of Millennial fans since the Raising Atlantis book series and Ingress mobile augmented reality game,” said New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias.  “So it’s about time.”

The Virgin City by Thomas Greanias is the first eShort in The Virgin Mysteries trilogy and goes on sale June 6. By design the eBook is only 50 pages long and can be read in less than an hour.

The second book, The Virgin Sea, is written by Serena Sereghetti and includes her beloved translation of the confession of Moby Dick. The No. 1 bestselling ebook was released ahead of schedule in April for Earth Day.

The trilogy concludes with The Virgin Sky.  Written by Conrad Yeats, this redacted government report details the secret star alignments and history of Washington, D.C.  The Virgin Sky comes out June 20.

Each volume of The Virgin Mysteries trilogy is priced at $2.99.





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