Ingress News Channel Reports Attempt to Block Publication of The Alignment Ingress


The debut broadcast of the news program Ingress Reports is reporting that Google’s top-secret Niantic Labs is attempting to block the release of the Thomas Greanias novel The Alignment Ingress, which is scheduled to be released this Tuesday, April 2.

According to the publishing industry’s daily bible Publishers Lunch, the New York Times bestselling author’s digital imprint @lantis Books is co-publisher with Niantic Labs of The Alignment Ingress, making this apparent rift a mystery to outside observers.

Neither Greanias nor Niantic are talking, but feverish speculation is focused on Greanias’s collaborators in the novel, adventurer Hank Johnson and archaeologist Conrad Yeats, who may have provided Greanias with top-secret intel banned by their respective NDAs or non-disclosure agreements with a host of alphabet-type intelligence agencies.

Ingress Reports specifically singles out Hank Johnson for possibly leaking closely guarded secrets about the discovery of “exotic matter” in the heart of Africa, where he has been shooting the TV pilot for his new documentary series “Nomad.”

Already Greanias has released coded terrestrial and celestial maps from Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats on his website, and anticipation is mounting he may be release an “Easter egg” in the form of the first chapter of The Alignment Ingress before the holiday weekend is over.

An AMP News spot check reveals that The Alignment Ingress is available for pre-order on the Google Play store, although it is not known how long it will stay up.  Meanwhile, many readers who have pre-ordered from Google Play are reporting mysterious long “code strings” attached to their purchase order receipts, although other longtime Google Books readers maintain these are normal.

No word on the fate of the eBook on the Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo bookstores, all of which are also expected to have The Alignment Ingress on sale Tuesday.