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Before The Da Vinci Code or National Treasure, there was Raising Atlantis by Thomas Greanias, which first fictionalized an encounter with an “anomaly” in Antarctica that was later identified as real-world “exotic matter” or XM by the National Science Foundation in 2005.

Yet even before Raising Atlantis there was Washingtonople: The Secret History of America’s Capital by astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats.  It, too, proved to be prophetic.


Washingtonople was the original name for Washington, D.C.  The site plan for the new American capital was drawn up by French architect and Freemason Pierre L’Enfant under the personal direction of George Washington, also a Freemason.  The site plan for America’s capital city—and the meaning of its alignment to the stars—first grabbed Greanias’s attention as an on-air reporter for NBC affiliates in D.C., where he had the rare experience of exploring tunnels beneath the Capitol that are older than the republic.  He’s been back recently, and they’ve all been sealed off.

Well, most of them.  A new tunnel has been discovered and will be explored in The Alignment: Federal City, part of a new series of novels in conjunction with Google’s Niantic Project and its augmented reality game known as Ingress.


This Washingtonople digital artifact, a No. 1 bestselling eDoc on Amazon long before Kindle Singles ever existed, is still on sale for $2.99.  But it’s yours free to celebrate its tenth anniversary and get a feel for the all-new Conrad Yeats adventures coming in 2013 with The Alignment: Federal City.

So help yourself to Washingtonople: The Secret History of America’s Capital.

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