Archives - March 2016


Airmen at Nuke Base Probed for Drug Use

CHEYENNE, WY (AMP) – More than a dozen airman who provide security for a nuclear missile base in Wyoming are under investigation for “illegal drug activity,” defense officials told The Air Force Times today. Gen. Robin Rand, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, said the alleged  drug use “came to light because one airman who …


Pentagon Risks America’s Homeland Missile Defense

FT. GREELY, AK (AMP) – The U.S. Missile Defense agency is ignoring its own expert recommendations and skipping tests of a key component in America’s homeland missile defense system against a “War Cloud“-like attack. According to the Los Angeles Times, the tests would ensure the reliability of small motors designed to help keep rocket interceptors on course as they fly toward incoming warheads—presumably …