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“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.

—Jesus of Nazareth

Death Is Guaranteed

The assassination of Caesar’s chief astrologer explodes into revelations of a secret order known as Dominium Dei or “Rule of God.”  The Dei has penetrated the highest echelons of the empire.  Its mission: to fulfill a decades-old prophecy predicting the exact day and hour the emperor Domitian will die.

Desperate to prove the oracles wrong, Domitian kills any and all suspected enemies.  No one from slave to senator can escape his reign of terror.

Enter the innocent playwright Athanasius. Wrongly accused by jealous rivals of being Chiron, the elusive mastermind behind the Dei, he is condemned to certain death in the scripted “reality” of the arena.

Against all odds he escapes, but he will be hunted to the ends of the earth.  His last hope of refuge is inside the ranks of the Dei. Once in, however, there’s no way out.  The only way to rise—and survive—is to kill and kill again.

DOMINIUM DEI is an action-packed conspiracy thriller from New York Times bestselling novelist Thomas Greanias, one of the world’s leading authors of adventure.  A former journalist and on-air correspondent for NBC, Greanias infuses his thrillers with provocative issues that could be ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

“I am Caesar. Caesar is God. Therefore, I am God.”

— Emperor Domitian

Reviews of Dominium Dei


Lightning-paced, dagger-sharp and brilliantly executed.

— James Rollins, Eye of God


A devilishly clever maelstrom of history, secrets and political intrigue. Relentlessly action-packed, with tantalizing twists and throat-grabbing suspense. Marvelous!

— Steve Berry, The Templar Legacy

Thomas Greanias is the KING of HIGH-OCTANE adventure.

— Brad Thor, Act of War

About Thomas

Thomas Greanias is a New York Times bestselling novelist and one of the world’s leading authors of adventure. His books in print have been translated into multiple languages and sold in 200 nations around the globe. A former journalist and on-air correspondent for NBC, Greanias infuses his international thrillers with provocative issues ripped from tomorrow’s headlines. Follow Thomas Greanias on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Subscribe to his official newsletter to go behind the scenes and get the latest on his next blockbuster.

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