U.S. Admits “War Cloud” Weapons Are Real


The futuristic fleet of Airborne Lasers depicted in the blockbuster cyber-thriller THE WAR CLOUD is not only real, the Pentagon now admits, but will continue to soar above brutal defense budget cuts in the years ahead.

“It is such a disruptive technology that it deserves the support of the United States and patience with the development of its technology,” retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish, former director of the Missile Defense Agency that fathered the program, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

It has only been a few weeks since THE WAR CLOUD went on sale, and New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias has had to bite his tongue more than once in the wake of criticism that no single villain could leverage America’s secret “Doomsday Plan” to the degree displayed in the novel. But now it is clear that the Airborne Lasers have been hiding in plain sight all along—like the rest of the systems and protocols brought to life in THE WAR CLOUD.

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency this week reported it has invested more than $5.2 billion in a fleet of modified Boeing 747s armed with chemical oxygen iodine laser canons in their nose cones. Technically known as YAL-1As, these “Defenders,” as dubbed in THE WAR CLOUD, are designed to shoot down enemy missiles shortly after launch.

One year ago a Defender took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and successfully shot down a ballistic missile off the coast. It continues to make test flights.

A fully deployed Defender fleet like the one featured in THE WAR CLOUD would require at least 10 converted Boeing 747s outfitted with the latest Lockheed Martin beam control systems and Northrop Grumman oxygen iodine lasers.

The cost is estimated to reach $2B a pop, but backers say it’s a small price to pay for stopping a single nuke from reaching the U.S. homeland.

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