Bodies Fall, Stakes Rise as Line Between Alignment Fiction and Ingress Reality Blurs


Two reported deaths on two continents are raising questions that the augmented reality of Ingress from Google’s Niantic Labs and the fiction of The Alignment from New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias are becoming all too real.

In Europe, the Niantic facility in Geneva spearheading research into “exotic matter” was seized and one researcher left dead.

Watch the Ingress Reports broadcast below.

In the U.S., another live event reportedly turned deadly at the exclusive members-only Magic Castle in Hollywood, and guests were whisked outside by security.

Author Thomas Greanias was among those hurried out of the private club. He snapped a photo of a familiar-looking face to Ingress agents—the fugitive Klue, thought to be in Europe. The identity of her companion is still being verified, but he is believed to be known as PAC.


Eyewitnesses in attendance say the lights went out during magician Misty Hannah’s bravura act, shots rang out, and an audience member was found lifeless on the floor. 


Was this a second coordinated attack somehow connected to the Niantic incident in Europe? Or is this all part of some global mass illusion?

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