Please Hold for a Text from the President


America’s newly upgraded Emergency Alert System will soon enable the president to address the nation during a nuclear attack or other national emergency, just like Deborah Sachs in the novel THE WAR CLOUD by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias.

“The EAS has been in place as a national public warning system for some years,” said a spokeswoman with the Federal Communications Commission. “Our primary goal now is to provide the president with a mechanism to directly communicate with the American public during times of national emergency.”

She added that the FCC has just approved a test in which the president will issue an emergency alert to be broadcast to the nation soon. But to avoid any “War of the Worlds” or “War Cloud” scenarios, the FCC spokeswoman said, “We intend to fully publicize the EAS broadcast in advance so that citizens don’t mistake it for an actual emergency.”

The FCC is also working on a next-generation EAS system to enable consumers to receive alerts on their smart-phones, Blackberries and other mobile devices.

Neither the FCC nor the White House nor FEMA, however, has commented on the recent rash of “doomsday” preparedness coming out of Washington. The federal government only weeks ago issued new guidelines for surviving a nuclear attack, specifically advising Americans in major cities to stay “in place,” indoors if possible, and avoid attempting any evacuation as that would only further expose them to radioactive fallout.

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