Atlantis GO Raises New Augmented Reality Site

Atlantis GO Raises New Augmented Reality Site

Seattle – July 15, 2016 – Atlantis Media Corp., the company behind the Raising Atlantis™ series of New York Times bestselling novels by Thomas Greanias and the award-winning Ingress fiction by Pokemon Go developer Niantic, announced that it is developing, a branded news, entertainment and streaming portal and mobile augmented reality experience.

“Starting with the Atlantis Mapping Project, Atlantis Media has always focused on creating an extra layer to the reading experience, but Ingress represented a new kind of augmented reality novel, beyond the game,” said Thomas Greanias, founder and CEO of Atlantis Media.  “So it makes sense to create a new online home in for our global community who are looking for more content, and to advance the storyworld.”

Details, partners and developers remain under wraps, but registered users who sign up at will be first to get news and early access to the beta site.  And Greanias will appear at San Diego’s Comic-Con next week to personally help register the “first class” of adventurers and autograph free copies of his bestsellers. [Thursday and Friday, July 21-22, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. in Autograph Area 14.] will be the company’s first consumer-facing portal since the Atlantis Mapping Project, which followed a secret U.S. military dig in Antarctica with original video content and became a worldwide viral sensation in the early 2000’s that continues to this day. Radio talk show chatter over the Fourth of July went so far as to suggest that the original Raising Atlantis eBook was redacted by government censors before its release in print by Simon & Schuster.  And according to recent news reports, Canadian teens and Argentine UFO hunters are modeling astro-archeologist hero Conrad Yeats from AtlantisGO and Ingress fame by using constellation maps and Google Earth to discover lost Mayan cities and alien pyramids under the Pacific.


About Atlantis Media
Ever since its first web phenomenon, the Atlantis Mapping Project (2000-2002), Atlantis Media has been a pioneer in digital publishing, online streaming and augmented reality experiences. It was first to partner with Amazon in 2002 for Raising Atlantis and other No. 1 bestselling eBooks and audiobooks before the advent of Kindle, and first with Google (Alphabet) spin-off Niantic’s fiction for its mobile augmented reality game Ingress. Seattle-based Atlantis Media owns and licenses a rich portfolio of intellectual properties, partnering with market-leading tech and media companies to develop unique entertainment experiences. To learn more visit:

About Thomas Greanias
Thomas Greanias is the New York Times bestselling author of acclaimed international thrillers and is the founder of Atlantis Media Corp. A graduate of Northwestern University and former journalist, his work has appeared in newspapers and magazines and on television, and his books in print have been translated into numerous languages and sold in 200 nations and territories worldwide. To learn more visit:


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